Spectro 90 WDG Fungicide - 5 Lbs.


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  • Easy-to-use formulation
  • Broad-spectrum disease control for ornamentals
  • Tank-mix compatible with most commonly used pesticides
  • Full chemigation label



For use only by certified applicators or those under their immediate supervision. For use on fine turf applications of cool- and warm-season grasses, such as bentgrasses, bermudagrasses, bluegrasses, fescues, ryegrasses, St. Augustine grasses, zoysia grasses or their mixtures, except where prohibited. Spectro® 90 WDG is not phytotoxic to any of the above mentioned grasses when used in accordance with the label. It can provide both curative and protective action. For best results, use spray mixture the same day it is prepared. Spray uniformly over the area to be treated with a properly calibrated power sprayer. Begin applications when conditions favor disease development and repeat applications as long as these conditions persist. Treatments should be applied using 14 – 21 day intervals as indicated. When treating golf greens, always treat aprons and approaches. Use the highest recommended rate and shortest application interval under conditions of severe disease pressure. Apply recommended amounts in sufficient water to obtain thorough coverage (2-4 gallons suggested per 1,000 square feet). Spectro 90 WDG should always be used in conjunction with good turf management practices. Apply after mowing or avoid mowing twelve hours after application. Do not mow or water after treatment until spray deposited on turfgrass is thoroughly dry.

Irrigate/syringe lightly (0.1 – 0.25 inches of water) after 8-12 hours. Take care not to move material below root zone of turf in treatment area.

Apply before turf has stopped all growth activity and before snow cover. If snow cover is intermittent or lacking, additional applications may be made at monthly intervals in areas of suspected or historic gray snow mold activity. In areas of predominantly pink snow mold, application should be made during the reproductive (fruiting) period of the pathogen for best results. Consult with your local extension service for this information.

Not for homeowner use.

Not for use on turf being grown for sale or commercial use as sod.

Do not use on home lawns and turf sites associated with apartment buildings, daycare centers, playgrounds, play fields, recreational park athletic fields, athletic fields located on or next to schools (i.e. elementary, middle and high schools), campgrounds, churches and theme parks.

See label for complete application rates and recommendations.


EPA REG. NO.: 1001-72
ACTIVE INGR.: chlorothalonil (72.0%), thiophanate-methyl (18.0%)
FORMULATION: water-dispersible granules
CHEM. FAMILY: chloronitrile, thiophanate
PACKAGE SIZE: 4 x 5 lb, 24 lb pail


Cool- and warm-season turfgrasses on golf courses
More than 110 ornamental species including:
Annual and perennial flowers
Bedding plants
Foliage plants
Deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs

(See product label for complete list)
Brown patch
Copper spot
Dollar spot
Downy mildew
Fusarium blight/patch
Gray leaf spot
Gray snow mold
Leaf spot
Melting out
Powdery mildew
Red thread
Snow mold
Volutella leaf blight

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