Southern Ag Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer - 5 Lbs.


Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Calcium Nitrate fertilizer provides an excellent source of Calcium and nitrogen and helps prevent Calcium deficiency. Can be used on most vegetables and flowers and supplies nitrogen and calcium to growing crops.

Usage: 1 cup per 50 feet of row or 1 tsp. per plant.
Contains: Nitrogen - 15.50% (14.5% Nitrate Nitrogen; 1% Ammoniacal Nitrogen) ; Calcium - 19% ; Chlorine - not more than 1%

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  • N
    Nadezhda Mazur N. M. Nadezhda M.

    Good product!

    It was easy to order and we received very quickly! We used just once and are waiting for good results. Still have to use a couple of times to see some good results.

  • h
    herbert wilkerson H. W. herbert w.


    Nice packaging

  • J
    James Wilkins J. W. James W.

    Pleased with Seed World

    Excellent turn around Prompt shipment with quality product and customer follow up.

  • R
    Rockwell Smith R. S. Rockwell S.

    Calcium nitrate fertilizer

    Received my order quickly. Excellent service.

  • P
    Peter Jesunathadas P. J. Peter J.

    Calcium Nitrate

    Prompt delivery. Very well packed. Excellent product. If only the shipping costs could be a little lower, this would be my go to place for all my garden needs. Wishing you the best.

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