Sonar Genesis Aquatic Herbicide - 1 Gallon


  • Sonar Genesis is an easier-to-use Sonar formulation that lasts longer in the water and provides a faster knockdown on many floating and emergent weed species.
  • Faster-acting, longer-lasting formulation
  • Better Control on troublesome weeds like Watermeal
  • Apply directly over the weeds for 20% faster absorption
  • Sonar Genesis can be sprayed directly on top of the weeds in order to get faster control. One treatment of Sonar Genesis can provide a season-long improvement to your pond. Sonar Genesis targets weeds at the root, giving you long-term control. Water treated with Sonar Genesis will do no harm to humans, fish, livestock, or any other wildlife using the pond. For best results, Sonar Genesis is most effective in ponds with minimal outflow that have little to no water turnover.

Apply 2 gallons per surface acre (with a 4-6ft average depth).

Active Ingredients: Fluridone 6.3%


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    Michael Siebold M. S. Michael S.

    Small Issue Resolved

    Little bobble on the delivery date but they were very responsive and corrected the issue quickly.

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