Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50 Granular Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.


Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50 Granular Fertilizer

Strengthens the plant making it less susceptible to disease and adverse conditions. Corrects potassium dificiency in avocado, beans, corn, cherries, citrus, grapees, palms and roses.

Use On: Vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and lawns.

For: Use in potassium low soils. Helps plants form healthier, stronger roots, stems, and tubers.

Usage: 0.5 Lbs. per 100 sq. ft.

Application: Spread over treatment area and water in.

Active Ingredients: Soluble Potash - 50%

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  • J
    Jose Joseph J. J. Jose J.


    I canceled this order, and didn’t received it

  • J
    Jim Ordija J. O. Jim O.

    Fast shipping. Recieved 50lb bag within 24 hours of ordering

    This was my first time purchasing with Seed World. Ordered a 50 lb bag for the lawn and recieved it the next day, so I was able to get it down that weekend. Very happy with the price and speedy delivery. Will do business again.

  • J
    Jim Theakos J. T. Jim T.

    1 x Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50 Granular Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

    I was particularly impressed with the simplicity of ordering and quickness of delivery. A combination not often seen in today's market.

  • A
    Andris Zvirgzdins A. Z. Andris Z.


    Arrived and in good shape

  • H
    Harry Orozco H. O. Harry O.

    Sulfate of Potash

    Shipped very fast and nice packaging. Excellent quality and fresh. Highly recommended!

  • J
    Jason HEWLING J. H. Jason H.

    A Happy Client

    My order came on time and was well packaged.

  • T
    Thomas Schierbaum T. S. Thomas S.

    Good experience

    Fast delivery and product was as described.

  • C
    Chuck C. Chuck

    Staple for Fl Soil Amendment

    Great recurring fix for Potassium depleted soil in Fl

  • K
    Kevin Turkovich K. T. Kevin T.

    Potash Ferilizer

    Product arrives quickly. Order is accurate and works as directed for our soil. This product is unavailable in our local stores so it is great Seed Word ships.

  • R
    Robert M Martin R. M. M. Robert M. M.

    Receipt of order

    Shipped out and recieved in a timely manner. Order received well packaged and in good order. Great communication.

  • D
    David Mott D. M. David M.

    Worked great

    It worked as advertised

  • C
    Cristian Dragomir C. D. Cristian D.


    Excellent service and fast shipping.

  • R
    Robert A. R. A. Robert A.

    * Sulphate of Potash 0-0-50 *

    This is the perfect form of potassium for high pH soils. It's formulated in large granules so a hard rain won't easily wash it down a sloping yard. Shipping is very expensive but I can't find this locally so it is what it is. I'm very satisfied with this product for my turfgrass.

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