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Annual ryegrass (Italian Ryegrass) is a very popular grass for overseeding Southern pastures for winter forage. It is also used to overseed warm-season lawn grasses to provide a green, economical grass cover from fall to spring.   Annual Ryegrass Seeding Rate:
  • Lawns: 5 - 10 lbs. per 1000 sq.ft. heavily seeded for a beautiful thick stand.
  • Pastures: 20-40 lbs per acre broadcast, or 20 lbs. per acre drilled.
Harrow or aerate for best results to make good seed to soil contact at an ideal depth of 1/8th to a 1/4 of an inch...

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    • Verified buyer
      5 star rating Jeff Henshaw J. H. Jeff H.

      Arrived quickly, and looks like the right mix for the PacNW.

      Appreciate a large delivery (50#) arriving so quickly. Just as our clearing completed, I was ready with this great rye mix.

    • Richard G.
      5 star rating Richard G. R. G. Richard G.

      Great seed I hope

      Hope this seed is as great as last order.

    • 5 star rating Pap A. P. A. Pap A.

      Reordering more right now.

      Reordering more right now.

    • Verified buyer
      5 star rating Sharon Hamel S. H. Sharon H.


      Just received it. Have not had a chance to plant. Seed looks healthy. Arrived quickly.

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