RootGuard 4-3-0 Organic Fertilizer - 40 Lbs.

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RootGuard 4-3-0 Organic Fertilizer

RootGuard 4-3-0 is a granular fertilizer blend of organic materials including Chitin, that stimulates the soil's living microbes. When added to the soil, organic material such as crab meal made from ground grab shell, helps create a hostile environment for root destroying nematodes by providing a food source for beneficial soil microbe communities.

RootGuard is also an excellent organic plant nutrient source:
  • Total Nitrogen: 4%
  • 0.40% Ammonical Nitrogen
  • 0.05% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • 3.55% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  • Controlled Release Nitrogen 3.86%
  • Available Phosphate (P2O5): 3.00%
  • Ca 14%, Fe 0.5%, Mg 0.93%
Rate of use: For 4 feet row spacing: Recommended rate of 0.1% rate (wt. of product : wt. of soil) with the RootGuard formulation requires an application of 1,200 lbs./A (11 lbs. per 100 cu.ft.) Broadcast applying 1000 lbs.A using a drop spreader (Gandy type) or broadcast at no more than 12 ft. distance, lightly scratching the material into the surface using a field cultivator, and using a bed shaper to pull the soil up into a raised planting bed. If in use with another soil fumigant the rate can be reduced to 800 lbs./A

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