Red River Crabgrass Seed


Red River Crabgrass Seed

Red River is an improved crabgrass that thrives during the hot, dry months. Best known for its ability to spread and regrow after grazing, this prolific reseeder was one of the first forage type crabgrass varieties developed.
Crabgrass is a high quality, high yielding summer annual forage that is excellent for grazing and haying. Red River Crabgrass can grow to around 3 ft. high, and produces enough seed for volunteer re-establishment.

This variety of crabgrass produces a highly digestible forage (up to 73% NDFd) and high crude protein content (25-30% early season; 15-20% mid-summer; 10% late season). Areas of adaption extend from Nebraska, south and east to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Great for revitalizing summer pastures.

  • Drought tolerant
  • Good summer production
  • High quality summer forage to recharge pastures
  • Easy doublecropping with cool season annual grasses and legumes.
  • Self-reseeding if allowed to go to seed
  • Coated or Raw: Raw
  • Ideal pH: 6.0 - 7.0
  • Inoculant Needed: No
  • Life Cycle: Annual

Planting Information:

  • Overseeding Rate: 3 lbs. per acre
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4 inch
  • Seeding Rate: 6 lbs. per acre
  • When to Plant: Spring, Summer & Early Fall

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  • B
    Ben Maness B. M. Ben M.

    Converting/seeding Horse pasture

    I purchased Red River Crabgrass seed to use in my horse pasture. No complaints and fast shipping to boot.

  • J
    James Barber J. B. James B.

    Red river crab grass

    Fast shipping and a competitive price

  • K
    Kenny Briel K. B. Kenny B.


    Quick delivery, just what a rancher needs

  • B
    Brian Sheets B. S. Brian S.

    Red river crabgrass seed

    Nothing growing yet but I am optimistic. Planted about 2 weeks ago.

  • B
    Brian Sheets B. S. Brian S.

    Red river crabgrass seed

    Nothing growing yet but I am optimistic. Planted about 2 weeks ago.

  • W
    Wesley Mays W. M. Wesley M.

    Crab Grass Seed

    Can’t Wait to Plant These Seeds. Thanks Seed World Y’all Are The Only One I Found that Sells Crab Grass Seed.

  • V
    Valerie Stevenson V. S. Valerie S.


    Order received in a timely manner, quick germination - within a week sprouts were up.

  • J
    James Stevens J. S. James S.

    We'll See

    They're not in the ground yet. We'll see. Shipped as promised in excellent condition.

  • D
    Danny Crowson D. C. Danny C.

    Grass seed

    Very prompt, thanks

  • D
    David Warren D. W. David W.

    Red River Crabgrass

    I never thought I would intentionally want to plant crabgrass. Last summer I watched our flock of sheep eat any crabgrass that was in our fields, leaving the fescue. Crabgrass- better nutrients,stands up to heat and grazing.Fewer seeds per acre needed. Planted Red River last week with Korean lespedeza. Waiting on the rain. It was in stock and shipped quickly.

  • B
    Belinda Harper B. H. Belinda H.


    Great service and quality seed

  • p
    patricia bua P. B. patricia b.


    I just spread it 5 days ago and already has started to grow. First time to use this product so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  • D
    Dawn Frye D. F. Dawn F.

    Good product/poor shipping experience

    My seed was well packed, and so far seems good. On the other hand, my package was supposed to have been coming via UPS, as it stated on my invoice. The pkg was sent via FedEx, which is a major problem for me since after living at the same address for 10 years, they can't seem to locate my address. Plus, the pkg didn't ship for about a week after they issued a tracking number. If I had known that you would be using FedEx, I would have purchased my seed elsewhere.

  • H

    Quick Service

    Ordered seed and received quick response and shipping notification ASAP. Seed was packaged and shipped quickly. Will definitely use this company again...

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