Rackmaster Wildlife Dual Season Food Plot Seed Mix - 10 Lbs.


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Pennington Wildlife Dual Season Food Plot Seed Mix

consists of warm and cool season components which together make a great spring/summer food plot that will carry over into the early fall bow season. Use Pennington Rackmaster Dual Season in your fall food plot to give quick, early forage during the first weeks of the season until fall crops have time to germinate and begin producing for winter. Features Seed Fuel, a bio-stimulant treatment that causes the seeds to emerge quicker and grow faster providing available forage sooner than competing brands. Seed Fuel also helps promote healthier plants that have more vigor, so they can withstand heavy grazing pressure and climate extremes. Pennington Rackmaster Dual Season Seed Mix covers up to 1/4 acre.

  • One 10 lb. bag covers up to ¼ acre
  • Plants emerge quicker because of Seed Fuel bio-stimulant
  • Ideal for Spring or fall planting
  • Provides extra protein for the critical early antler development period when planted in spring/summer
  • Maximize hunting time from bow season through Winter when mixed with Fall seed mixtures
  • Maintaining food plots for both Summer and during the hunting season will hold deer on your property year round

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