Quick-N-Big Crabgrass Seed


Quick-N-Big Crabgrass Seed

"Quick-N-Big" Crabgrass Seed has its name because it germinates faster, grows quicker, reaches grazing stage—or hay stage or maturity—quicker. Quick-N-Big is a bigger, taller plant than Red River. This species of Crabgrass does have runners, but not as many as Red River. For hay production, be sure not to allow Quick-N-Big to pass maturity, and harvesting height should be higher than Red River or Bermuda Grasses.

Quick-N-Big Crabgrass was developed mainly for it's faster germination and quick growth in the spring and early summer. Quick-N-Big Crabgrass is more of a stooling grass than the Red River variety. Quick-N-Big Crabgrass is excellent for more northern regions, where Crabgrass is grown.

  • Fast germination
  • Hay production
  • Higher yields
  • Sandy or clay loam soils 
  • Well drained soil
  • Coated or Raw: Raw
  • Ideal pH: 6.0 - 7.0
  • Inoculant Needed: No
  • Life Cycle: Annual
Planting Information:
  • Overseeding Rate: 3 lbs. per acre
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4 inch
  • Seeding Rate: 6 lbs. per acre
  • When to Plant: Spring, Summer & Early Fall

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  • J


    Everything was perfect. Nothing but praise. Thank you.

  • s
    starbuck ennis S. E. starbuck e.

    so far so good :)

    so far so good, i haven't had a chance to use the seed yet, but the shipping was great and everything looks good so far. will have to wait a few months before i know if they germinate and mature well, but no reason to think that they won't :)

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