Protein Plus Fertilizer - 2.5 Gallons


Protein Plus is a new concept in plant nutrition. In order to provide color, vigor, recovery and plant health, the plant needs ALL the elements required to build a protein such as chlorophyll. Plants build amino acids by combining all the essential nutrients not just nitrogen. These amino acids combine to create proteins which are the life force of the plant. Most liquid fertilizer products are often very limited by providing mostly nitrogen and iron which can create a quick color response, but at what price. Protein Plus combines six forms of nitrogen for maximum efficiency along with an entire spectrum of essential macro and micro nutrients and other important co-factors that are essential in the construction of a complete protein within the plant. Protein Plus uses over 60 trace elements, vitamins, minerals, carbon sources and other cofactors to help the plant quickly and efficiently build chlorophyll before pathogens have the opportunity to consume the free nitrogen and proliferate.

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