Phyton 35 Bactericide/Fungicide - 1 Liter

Phyton 35 Bactericide and Fungicide

Phyton 35 is a broad-spectrum systemic bactericide + fungicide labeled for use on fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as ornamentals and other greenhouse and nursery crops. Its patented chemistry speeds absorption into plants, enabling its active ingredient to move throughout the plant and be retained in the bio-system for up to 21 days. Phyton 35 is a solution (not a suspension) that leaves no visible residue and won't clog spray nozzles. Formulated for use from propagation up to the time of harvest, it is effective against your most stubborn disease challenges like Botrytis, bacterial leaf spot, powdery mildew, pythium, and more.
Rate of use: 10-50 fl. oz./100 gallons
Active ingredient: 21.27% Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate

Category: Bactericide, Fungicide

Type: Fungicide

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