Peters Professional General Purpose 20-20-20 Fertilizer - 25 lbs


Peter's Professional General Purpose 20-20-20 Fertilizer

When growing media contains mineral soil, this formula provides acidifying action to help combat excessive pH. Also use when reduced micronutrients are desired. 
• B (Base) formulation can be used alone or rotated with a C (Customizing) component 
• Appropriate for Water Types 2, 3 and 4 as a drip, drench or foliar feed 
• Contains a full range of essential micronutrients

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  • L
    Leicester Lindo L. L. Leicester L.

    Peters 20-20-20 for Ornamentals and orchids

    I have 100 + potted ornamental plants and orchids and this is an exceptional all around fertilizer for maintaining healthy looking plants.

  • S
    Shawn Fickel S. F. Shawn F.

    Great price and it came fine.

    I have not used it yet so we will see. I am hoping it was as great as Jacks 20-20-20 since it used to be the same company.

  • J
    James Xikis J. X. James X.

    Great product.

    Peters is a very high quality product. Shipping from SeedWorld was fast. Thank You.

  • K
    Kimberly Ricci K. R. Kimberly R.

    Peters fertilizer

    Fast shipping

  • C
    Charles Goetting Iv C. G. I. Charles G. I.

    Poor Quality

    Seed World USA continues to send me unsolicited emails with no ability to unsubscribe. Very unprofessional. I have asked to be removed from the mailing list but they ignore my requests and keep sending emails asking me to review the products.

  • J
    Joseph Migliorini J. M. Joseph M.

    Fair price and fast shipping

    I will buy again

  • R
    Rabion Locklear R. L. Rabion L.

    Application rates

    Product delivery was great Would like more information on how many pounds per 1,000 square ft of product is recommended for turf grasses? Any help is appreciated Thanks

  • T
    Thomas Turner T. T. Thomas T.

    Fast delivery

    Fast delivery

  • D
    Dean Anderson D. A. Dean A.


    Very pleased with the handling and delivery of my order. Thank you very much!

  • A
    Ahmed Farha A. F. Ahmed F.

    Fast shipping

    Good price thanks

  • J
    Jerry Newbauer J. N. Jerry N.

    Seed World 🌎 Pete’s 20-20-20 25lb

    Ordered two of this bags. Came in one box securely. Fast ship. 🙏 Thanks

  • R
    Roxanne Carney R. C. Roxanne C.

    Excellant experiance

    Order came in days. I couldnt believe it for something so heavy. Great updates. Best price. Bought several times now. Happy plants.

  • D
    Daniel Quintero D. Q. Daniel Q.

    Must not like heat.

    Good product. Only complaint is that it must not like heat or humidity. I live in Arizona where we have a dry heat, as soon as I open it starts to liquefy and becomes mushy. Tried putting it in my shop refrigerator but it turns solid. ☹

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