Pennington Wingmaster Game Bird Mix Seed - 40 Lbs.


Use Pennington Wingmaster Game Bird Mix for seed-producing plants that will supplement food and habitat for game birds. Plant in spring, after danger of frost, no more than 1/4 inch deep.

Seeding rate: each 40 lb. bag covers one acre.

Planting recommendations: Prepare the soil by plowing, smoothing, and firming the seed bed. Always lime and fertilize according to a soil test (information can be obtained from your local County Extension Office). Firm soil after planting.

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  • T
    Tim Cleveland T. C. Tim C.

    Wing master second. Purchase!

    Bought Wingmaster last year and it was doing great until the drought hit. Bought again to plant this year for doves. Seed World shipped in a timely manner and as described.

  • T
    Tim Hicks T. H. Tim H.

    Did not receive everything

    I only received 3 boxes. 1,2,3 of 5 missing 4 and 5

  • B
    Bradd P. B. P. Bradd P.

    5 stars product

    Planted this last year in north Ga and it did amazing. When I would go up to the food plot it sounded like a bird zoo. Turkeys love this food plot as well as many other small birds.

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