Pennington Centipede Grass Seed Plus Mulch - 5 Lbs.

Centipede Grass Seed & Mulch

A combination of Centipede grass seed plus BIO-170 natural mulch. Centipede will produce a dense, slow-growing lawn that thrives in full sun. Over time it will create a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn that requires less fertilizer and fewer mowing.

  • Contains Centipede Seed plus BIO-170 natural mulch for improved spreadability and a more accurate application
  • BIO-170 natural mulch granules are 100% biodegradable and retain moisture to help promote seed germination
  • Spreading, sun-loving, turf-producing grass with a medium texture and beautiful green color
  • 99.9% weed free
  • Penkoted for seedling protection

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