Palm Nutritional Spray Chelated Liquid Fertilizer - 1 Pint


Chelated Palm Nutritional Spray Liquid Fertilizer

Contains 4 nutrients for palms, including Manganese. Prevents deficiency that may cause yellowing, browning, curling & permanent injury in palms

Contains: 2.5% Manganese, 1.5% Magnesium, and 1.0% Iron.

Use On: Palms, and other ornamentals.

Controls: Nutritional deficiencies in palms.

Rate: 1 – 2 tablespoons per gallon.

Application: Apply as a thorough cover spray to run off. Try to spray directly into heart.

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  • J
    Jenn Forsthoefel J. F. Jenn F. us

    Quick service and good price.

    I was very impressed with the quick turnaround on our order. The items were expertly package and competitively priced. Their Palm Nutritional Spray has always been my go-to for treating Frizzle Top on my pypme date palms. The results never disappoint.

  • M
    Michael Hernandez M. H. Michael H. us

    Great seller

    Fast shipping, will use again.

  • G
    Gary K. G. K. Gary K.

    Palm tree food

    It gives the palm trees the nutrients it needs.

  • D
    Donald Davis D. D. Donald D. us


    need met quickly, happy customer

  • B
    Burtron B. Burtron us

    Just what I ordered

    Quick delivery and securely packaged

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