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Osceola Ladino Clover Seed - 1 Lb.

Osceola Ladino Clover Food Plot Seed

Osceola Ladino Clover  - this perennial clover is an excellent choice for over-seeding horse or cattle pasture. Oceola Clover was developed by University of Florida, a great feature of this clover is that it contains no cyanide. Osceola clover is becoming a popular choice, because of its high protein and excellent grazing tolerance.

Osceola Ladino Clover Facts Table

Life Cycle
Wildlife Deer, Turkey & other Wildlife
Pasture Great for Horses & Cattle.
Family white ladino clover
pH prefers 6 - 6.5
Soil Will Tolerate acid Soil
Seed Rate
8  - 10 Lbs. per Acre
Planting Depth 1/4 inch
Feature Excellent Grazing Tolerance
Adaptation Southern Regions
Plant Spring or Fall
Fertilizer 0-20-20

Category: Osceola Ladino Clover

Type: Clover Seed

Vendor: Seed Ranch

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