Orvego Fungicide - 28 Oz.

Orvego Fungicide

For production ornamentals

Orvego fungicide provides control of all major ornamental downy mildews and Phytopthora species tested, with excellent plant quality and safety. It contains a combination of ametoctradin and dimethomorph (the same active ingredient in Stature SC fungicide). 

These ingredients provide dual action: ametoctradin is a strong inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration in Complex III (cytochrome bc1) of oomycetes fungi, and is classified by the US EPA as a Group 45 fungicide. Dimethomorph belongs to the group of cell-wall synthesis inhibitors classified by the US EPA as target site of action Group 40 fungicides. 

Orvego acts as a penetrant with translaminar and locally systemic activity following a foliar application. When used as a soil drench, it protects plant roots and crown as a translaminar, locally systemic fungicide.

Use Sites: Production ornamentals in greenhouses, lathhouses, container and field nurseries and for use in interiorscapes
Application rates: 11.0 to 14.0 fl. oz. /100 gal.; 4 applications of Orvego fungicide per crop per season
Active ingredients:
20.2% Dimethomorph 
26.9% Ametoctradin

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