Octane 2% SC Herbicide - 8 Oz.


Octane 2% Suspension Concentrate Herbicide

Octane herbicide takes out the toughest broadleaf weeds in a matter of days with minimal effects on the environment. Pyraflufen-ethyl, the active ingredient in Octane, has an extremely short soil half-life of less than 1 day, which means Octane will break down rapidly in the soil following application. 

Octane provides outstanding results with very little active ingredient per acre, further reducing its potential impact on the environment. Octane's low water-solubility and vapor pressure limit its potential off-target movement to crops or sites, instead remaining right where you spray: on the weeds.

Use sites: 
turfgrass, sod farms, nursery and ornamental plantings, Christmas trees

  Rate of use: 0.7-4.0 fl. oz./acre   Active ingredient: 2% Pyraflufen-ethyl

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Category: Herbicide

Type: Herbicide

Brand: SePRO

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