Mycoshield - 2lbs.


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Mycoshield is a valuable tool to fruit disease management programs. It is used to control fire blight in apples and pears and bacterial spot in peaches and nectarines. When used in conjunction with other products, Mycoshield is particularly useful in resistance management programs. Mycoshield can be used in combination or rotation with Agri-Mycin 50 and other bactericides, and is compatible with most pesticides commonly used in an orchard. It is also approved for use in treating citrus canker and HLB, also known as citrus greening or greening disease, that affect citrus fruit. Due to the seriousness of HLB, Mycoshield is EPA approved for use on citrus fruit crops in Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Florida and Georgia through December 31, 2020 per a Section 3 (c)(5) supplemental label.


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Category: Disease Control

Type: bactericide

Brand: NuFarm