MilStop SP Foliar Fungicide - 25 Lb

A potassium bicarbonate-based, foliar fungicide that kills powdery mildew on contact by pulling water from spores and their growing strands. It also inhibits enzymes involved in fungal cell wall formation by altering the pH on the leaf surface, providing 1-2 weeks of residual protection. Never apply more than 5 lbs. per acre per week........ Rates: 5#/ acre: 1 gal= 2 tbs 2 gal= 4 tbs 4 gal=1/2cup 2.5#/ acre: 1 gal= 1 tbs 2 gal= 2 tbs 4 gal=1/4cup Start app. at 1st sign of disease/ repeat 1-2 wk intervals until conditions are no longer favorable for disease dev. Does have an AG label for crops....always read label......

Category: Fungicide

Type: Fungicide

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