Methylated Seed Oil MSO Surfactant - 1 Quart

Methylated Seed Oil
This product is a spray adjuvant developed to maximize the performance of most post-emergent herbicides. In most postemergence herbicide spray mixes this product may be used as a replacement for non-ionic surfactants and crop oil (petroleum oils). It may be used in products such as Accent, Assert, Poast, Revolver, and other herbicides. 
  • High-quality oil and surfactants/emulsifiers
  • rapid penetration of plant leaf tissue
  • highly recommended as a replacement for non-iconic surfactants
  • less viscous than typical plant oils
  • resists evaporation

Usage: Use at 1 - 4 pints per acre with post-emergent herbicides. Higher rates may be necessary for some applications.

Active Ingredients: Methylated seed oil blend and other principal functioning agents - 100%

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