Methylated Seed Oil MSO Surfactant - 1 Quart


Methylated Seed Oil This product is a spray adjuvant developed to maximize the performance of most post-emergent herbicides. In most postemergence herbicide spray mixes this product may be used as a replacement for non-ionic surfactants and crop oil (petroleum oils). It may be used in products such as Accent, Assert, Poast, Revolver, and other herbicides. 
  • High-quality oil and surfactants/emulsifiers
  • rapid penetration of plant leaf tissue
  • highly recommended as a replacement for non-iconic surfactants
  • less viscous than typical plant oils
  • resists evaporation

Usage: Use at 1 - 4 pints per acre with post-emergent herbicides. Higher rates may be necessary for some applications.

Active Ingredients: Methylated seed oil blend and other principal functioning agents - 100%

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  • R
    Robert Bowell R. B. Robert B. us

    Package leaked

    When I received the product, over half had leaked out. I let seller know and never received a comment back.

  • R
    Roger Stich R. S. Roger S. us

    Highly Recommended by Master Gardeners

    ... three of them, no less! Looking forward to enjoying my citrus trees without the blemishes that leaf miners create, and to make the trees happy in the process!

  • M
    Mary Harden M. H. Mary H. us

    Clover safe weed killer

    Works great my daughter and I have clover yards they didn’t do mine correctly so needed to get rid of the weeds without killing the clover

  • L
    Luther Lindler L. L. Luther L. us

    Excellent service

    Very quick shipping. Placed my order and it showed up in 2 days. Very satisfied.

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