Blackjack II Maya Turf Bermuda Grass Seed

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Maya Bermuda Grass Seed

*Maya is a newer improved variety of blackjack bermudagrass.

Rated one of the top varieties in the independent NTEP trials.

Maya is a new variety of seeded bermudagrass from Heritage Seeds. In the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) trial (2007 - 2012) Maya scored exceptionally well for improved turf performance, disease resistance, excellent colour and leaf texture. Being a seeded variety Maya will establish into a superior bermudagrass turf and has a wide range of adaptation.


Maya is recommended for sports fields, lawns, parks, golf fairways and roughs or wherever a high-quality turf is desired. Being established from seed, it is much easier to use than sprigged vegetative varieties.

Late spring seeding is best suited to bermudagrass where soil temperatures are 16-18 degrees. It is very important to use Agricote coated seed and cover the bermudagrass seeds with soil or sand (3 to 5 mm) Bare, open-to-the-air seed lying on the soil surface with no protection from wind or hot sun, cannot be kept moist enough to germinate. Ensure seeds are covered and well-watered to avoid them drying out during germination and establishment. As the plant begins to establish watering intervals can be reduced to deeper less often schedules.

Disease Resistance
This vigorous, medium fine-bladed cultivar adds excellent disease resistance to any warm-season blend throughout the hottest summer months. It exhibited no dollar spot (9.0 resistance score) and had less damage from Spring Dead Spot (only 5% damage) than any other variety. Maya shows remarkable cold tolerance making it well suited to Australia’s winters. Maya displays very good resistance (7.3) to Take All Patch and has excellent spring green-up.

For best performance Maya should be fertilised 4 - 6 times per year. In spring a high N fertiliser can be used to encourage the couch out of winter dormancy. A complete fertiliser can be used over summer as required. During March and again in early May apply a fertiliser high in potassium. This will give your lawn protection as it goes into the cold winter months.
During summer you can mow your lawn quite low, but this puts a lot of stress on the plant. Ideal mowing height is between 20-30 mm. Mowing your lawn a little higher over winter helps protect against frosts.
Being a c4 grass makes selectively taking weeds out of Maya couch a breeze.
Suggested Sowing Rates
For new seeding turf applications, it is recommended to plant 1 kg per 100m2 of Agricote Maya. Apply a starter fertiliser at recommended rates.
Added value trait
Maya provides customers with a complete package of high end features such as quality, colour and fine leaf nature at an affordable price.

• Excellent colour
• Excellent texture
• Excellent density
• Broad adaptation of environments
• Excellent disease resistance

• Lawns
• Parks
• Sports Fields
• Golf Fairways
• Golf Roughs

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  • H
    Hodges H. Hodges


    Product is fine but it took several days to get it shipped to me. You invoiced me and were waiting to ship until I paid. I had already paid and tried to email and call to let you know. Never got a phone call answered and it took a week to get responses to email.

  • K
    Kelvin Wren K. W. Kelvin W.

    Lawn Bare Spots

    Wanted to wait to offer meaningful review of Bermuda Grass seed. Just took a peak at my lawn today and I see grass buds beginning to sprout (within 7 days). Quite impressed given the onset of the Texas heat!!!

  • R
    Roberto Dilone R. D. Roberto D.

    Had very bad luck with this seed only about 15% germination

    Blackjack II Maya Turf Bermuda Grass Seed

  • C
    Connie Yellowman C. Y. Connie Y.


    Received order but haven't started planting yet.

  • T
    Thomas Wirges T. W. Thomas W.

    Blackjack bermuda seed

    Blackjack bermuda seed was excellent. It is exactly what I needed to create my very own chipping green.

  • B
    Billy Doughty B. D. Billy D.

    Is it any good?

    I have yet to receive my order. I can’t review it. Still waiting.

  • M
    Michael Hecht M. H. Michael H.

    Online order 12.2023 / Blackjack II Maya Turf Bermuda Grass Seed

    Please email to me, the final invoice for the purchase of the 2 x Blackjack II Maya Turf Bermuda Grass Seed. The one I seem to have is “grilled”. Thank you. Michael Hecht /

  • J
    John Nicoletti J. N. John N.


    Fast Delivery, 100%

  • E

    grass seed


  • J
    Jonathan Hurley J. H. Jonathan H.

    Fast shipment

    Very pleased how quickly item arrived.

  • K
    Kendall Seiler K. S. Kendall S.

    Quality seed

    Good quality seed. Looks most of it germinated fine. Have a great stand of grass coming on.

  • F
    Florin Tolescu F. T. Florin T.

    Really satisified

    Everything went well, good care of customers and the package. Could trace it all the way, even in EU. Very good condition. Thank you!

  • D
    Dean peitzman D. P. Dean p.


    Just starting to show above ground will know more in 30 days

  • T
    Tom Blakley T. B. Tom B.

    Arrived very quickly.

    Seed looks good. I have not planted, but plan to plant the seed this week.

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