Windham Winter Pea Seed

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Windham Winter Field Pea Seed

Windham is recognized as having improved winter hardiness over Austrian-type winter peas. Windham has a dwarf growth habit and an upright canopy. Windham is a white flowering tannin-free pea, making it sweeter than Austrian-type peas. Wildlife and foraging animals prefer these sweeter peas over purple flowering varieties. Windham was developed in the Northwest as a joint venture between the USDA_ARS and three universities in Idaho, Washington, and Montana.

Winter peas can contribute up to 150 lbs. N/A. With extended winter hardiness, Lynx provides increased nitrogen contribution potential, for both cover crop and forage applications. Nitrogen also means more protein for grazing animals and wildlife.

Seeding rate: 30-100 lbs./acre, 1/2"-1" deep, in soil with a pH of 6-7.5. Plant in fall when adequate moisture is available.

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Category: Winter Peas

Type: Legume Seed

Brand: Smith Seed

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