Lesco 20-0-20 St. Augustine Weed & Feed - 50 Lbs.

Lesco Atrazine Plus Fertilizer

Weed control with premium lawn food

Lesco Weed & Feed for St. Augustinegrass and Centipedegrass Lawns prevents crabgrass, paspalums, and spotted spurge, as well as controlling dollarweed, Florida pusley, lippia, pigweed, and over 45 more listed weeds. It can be used in or on residential lawns, corporate lawns, parks, recreational areas, golf course, cemeteries, and athletic fields.


  • 20% Total Nitrogen
  • 20% Soluble Potash
  • 1.54% Sulfur
  • 6% Iron
  • 15% Max Chlorine

Rate of use: 3.74-5 lbs./1000 sq. ft. (One 50 lb. bag covers approximately 12,000 square feet.) 

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