LESCO ProAm Rough Bluegrass Seed - 50 lb.

Pro Am originated from selections made in golf course roughs throughout the Northeast United States. Parental clones were selected on the basis of dark green color, low growth habit and tolerance to low (putting green) mowing heights. Pro Am’s fine texture, dark green color and dense growth make it ideal for overseeding Bermudagrass greens during winter. Pro Am can be used alone for overseeding greens or in combination with perennial ryegrass, bentgrass or fine fescue. Pro Am will transition out smoothly when Bermudagrass is actively growing again in the late spring.

  • Good spring transitioning
  • Good for southern overseeding of bermudagrass
  • Fine textured grasses
  • Good for shady sites
  • Shade and moisture tolerant
  • Quick germination

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