LESCO Chelated Micro Mix Liquid Micronutrient - 2.5 Gallon


Designed for use where soil or tissue tests indicate multiple micronutrient deficiencies, Chelated Micro Mix contains a superior blend of essential micronutrients. It is a highly effective source of magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. These chelated micronutrients are highly effective, with low salt density and minimal toxicity to turf and ornamentals.
  • Promote superior color—a lush, healthy green without the excessive growth associated with high rates of nitrogen
  • Control winter desiccation, winter kill and fungal diseases
  • Help reduce nitrogen groundwater contamination
  • Slow “dark respiration” and boost energy reserves
Specifications Formulation Liquid Regulated No Brand Name LESCO Product Label

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  • Verified buyer
    Michael Day M. D. Michael D.

    Very slow shipping

    I live in Florida...seed world located in Fla...it took almost 2 weeks to receive my order...I run a small lawn care business for the last 20 years which I have my applicators permit so I do a few applications for my customers,this is not what I expected as far as service goes also no communication I had to email seed world about my order...I'm aware seed world doesn't revolve around myself and my business this is not a way to earn new customers just my thoughts...it feels like no one gives a shit.

  • Verified buyer
    Charles Hawver C. H. Charles H.

    Wrong stuff sent

    What I ordered was not shipped. I was shipped Chelated Palm package.

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