Lesco Tall Fescue All Pro Transition Blend Grass Seed - 50 lbs


Lesco All Pro Transition Blend Grass Seed, Premium Grass Seed

Premium, High Quality Tall Fescue Grass Seed

~Mid-Southern applications
~Dark green, single blades
~Premium quality
~High tolerance heavy traffic
~50 lbs bag

Lesco All Pro Transition Blend Grass Seed Product Detail

NAME: Lesco All Pro Transition Blend Grass Seed


BLEND: Three premium turf type tall fescues to include Falcon IV, Shenandoah Elite, Restore, Catalyst, Stetson II, Padre, Kingdom (DB1), Comete, and/or Renovate


Lesco All Pro Transition Blend Grass Seed is a dense lush premium seed for mid to southern regions. Very high quality mix. Home, Commercial, Golf Course, Playgrounds and common area applications. Lesco All Pro Transition Grass Seed is very desirable and weed free. High heat rating, drought tolerant, high traffic. 



SEED TYPE: Blend-Tall type Fescue 

APPLICATIONS: Outdoor grass

EXPOSURE: Full sun to part shade

GROWTH RATE: Fast, rapid

HABIT: Dense, lush, upright

GERMINATION: 6-10 days

GERMINATION TEMP: 60-65 degrees

STALK: Single blade

COLOR: Dark green

PLANTING TIME: Spring and Fall 

FERTILIZER: 18-24-12

FERTILIZE: Prior to seeding

APPLICATION RATE: NEW- 6-8 lbs per 1000 sf RENOVATION- 5-7 lbs per 1000 sf

WATERING: Initial application heavy saturation

SOIL: Very adaptable


GROWING ZONES: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

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  • r
    rebecca burtnett R. B. rebecca b.

    To soon to say.

    To early to say until I see if it germinates.

  • r
    ray robbins R. R. ray r.

    Seed and Fertilizer


  • L
    Lisa Madden L. M. Lisa M.

    Lesco Tall Fescu

    Quick ship! Great seed.

  • P
    Paul Bennett P. B. Paul B.


    Excited to use this seed. Lawn needs some help and I was tired of paying for 50% coating and 50% seed from the other guys

  • D
    Douglas Fague D. F. Douglas F.

    Wonderful product and VERY fast shipping!

    Purchase could not have gone better...very much appreciated!

  • A
    Andrew Newman A. N. Andrew N.

    Lesco seed

    Good seed. Excellent delivery.

  • H
    Harry Taylor H. T. Harry T.

    very satisfied

    this seed has outperformed all of the other seed that I've tried over the years. I would highly recommend it!

  • A
    Audrey Mills A. M. Audrey M.

    Awesome product

    Don’t hesitate great quality

  • D
    Derrick Treece D. T. Derrick T.

    Grass seed

    Great company to order what ever seed you need.

  • R
    Rick Burgdoff R. B. Rick B.

    Never received it

    I never received it

  • j
    jonathan grantland J. G. jonathan g.

    Not happy at all. Looks like I am being jerked around.

    This is only a 25 lb bag. I spoke with Shane Dibbs and he said I would receive 50 lbs of the lesco. So I'm still short 25 lbs, and also he said I would receive 50 lb of the titan rx certified tall fescue mix. These plain white bags are not acceptable because I don't know if they are have the original seed in them. Please either refund my total amount from my purchases plus shipping of correctly send m what he agreed to. Thanks , not a happy camper.........

  • b
    bill henderson B. H. bill h.

    great seed

    will 50lbs cover 15,000 sq ft.

  • A
    Adam Paurowski A. P. Adam P.

    Great Service!

    Very fast delivery at a fair price - thanks!

  • D
    Don Morris D. M. Don M.

    LlsLesco grass seed.

    Have used in the past. Great seed

  • S
    Schmidt S. Schmidt

    Lesco grass seed

    Ordered a 50 lbs of Lesco Tall Fescue All Pro Transition Blend Grass Seed. I placed my ordered on August 16th and received my order on August 18th. Still preparing my lawn for the new grass seed so time will tell how well the seed works. Overall I am very pleased with how quickly Seed World process my order.

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