InTice Border Patrol Bait Station - 12 Stations

RockWell Labs

InTice Border Patrol Bait Stations (12)

Setting up a proactive perimeter defense for crawling pests such as ants has never been easier than with the InTice Border Patrol System. The durable plastic station prolongs bait effectiveness and integrates seamlessly with InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait 4 oz. cups (not included--please order separately).
  • Keyless, snap-on lid for easy service and bait protection
  • Four downward facing openings under the lid provide easy access for crawling pests while keeping out moisture
  • Simple anchor spike for quick deployment
  • Can also be used with granules to control a wide range of crawling pests

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Category: Animal Repellent

Type: Bait

Brand: RockWell Labs

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