Hollywood Bermuda Grass Seed - 10 lbs

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Introducing our newest star! Hollywood bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon L.) is a dazzling performer and reveals its winning characteristics in key areas such as overall turf quality, density, genetic color, fall color, winter color, spring greenup, leaf texture, establishment, ground cover, and damping-off resistance. When compared to other seeded types such as Riviera and Princess 77, Hollywood steals the show! Hollywood provides highly competitive quality performance and a distinct cost advantage over planting vegetative varieties.

A Seeded Bermuda that looks like a Vegetative: Hollywood’s fine leaf texture and dark color strongly resembles the elite vegetative bermudas. For most applications, Hollywood can be established by seed in place of more costly and time-consuming vegetative bermudagrasses. Hollywood is best when planted alone but it can be blended with other Jacklin bermudagrasses, like Southern Star or SunDevil II.

Wide Range of Adaptation: Hollywood is recommended for golf course fairways, tees, and roughs, lawns, parks, business landscapes, and sports areas in warm humid and semiarid regions, including areas of the Transition Zone. No diva attitude here - Hollywood was developed from sturdy breeding stock that survived and thrived in winter conditions of Northern Idaho for many years.

Quick Establishment: Hollywood is a great starting act! Hollywood germinates in 7 -14 days under optimum temperatures (soil over 65˚F / 18ºC). Within 8-12 weeks its turf can handle light play. Research has found that seeded bermudagrass establishment is quicker than sprigged bermudagrass, which can take a season to completely fill in.

Shear Strength: Hollywood is ready to take on tough roles with its high shear strength. In the second year of NTEP trials Hollywood was among the toughest bermudagrasses to tear (118 to 136 newton-meters). For sod production, that translates to faster, cleaner lifting.

Seeding Rate: Sow hulled seed at 1.5-2.5 lbs. per 1000ft2 (7-12 g/m2 ).

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