Palm and Ornamental 8-2-12 Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.


Palm & Ornamental 8-2-12 Granular Fertilizer

Palm & Ornamental 8-2-12 Fertilizer is a slow-release blend specifically formulated for lasting results. Contains polymer-coated sulfer-coated urea, and polymer-coated sulfur-coated potash.

Rate of use: 

  • High growing varieties: 3/4 lb. for each inch of trunk diameter 
  • Low growing individual plantings: 3/4 lb. per foot of height
  • For cluster plantings of low, spreading types: apply 3 lbs./100 square feet of bed area


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  • Verified buyer
    Pedro Valido P. V. Pedro V.


    Never received my fertilizer

  • Verified buyer
    Douglas Freeman D. F. Douglas F.


    Arrived ahead of time.

  • Verified buyer
    Stelter S. Stelter

    Right product but . . .

    The fertilizer was correct as far as the NPK ratios, so it was what I ordered. The only directions on the product though is for grass--golf courses and parks. I had to search online for directions for palm tree application. The product arrived on time and was packaged correctly to keep the plastic bag intact. I would re-order, especially if it helps my foxtail.

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