Golden German Foxtail Millet Seed

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Foxtail Type Millet Seed

Golden German Millet is a warm-season annual grass and a foxtail type millet. German Millet is a fine-stemmed, leafy variety that is commonly planted as a single-cut hay millet.

German Millet is quick maturing and works excellent in double cropping scenarios where time becomes limiting for the second crop. It can be ready to cut for hay in as little as 60 days from planting.

It produces hay that will cure easily and be highly palatable for livestock. German Millet is very drought tolerant and will grow rapidly during hot summer conditions. It does well in light soils due to its high level of water efficiency.

Drilled Seeding Rate: 20-25 lbs. /acre

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  • Verified buyer
    1 star rating William Law Jr W. L. J. William L. J.

    Confusion abounds !!

    Your email states that you had shipped the millet 12 days ago. However, I have not yet received it, and received another communication from you yesterday stating that you were waiting to receive some 2023 seed??

  • Verified buyer
    5 star rating Kevin Cross K. C. Kevin C.

    So far so good

    It’s only been 2 days, and I already have sprouts! Hopefully over the next few days it’ll really start coming in. We’ve got rain in the forecast in 2 days and I’m hoping this stuff gets going before then. I don’t know how strong the storm is going to be, but I bought this for erosion control on a slope. Which is why I’m happy that the fast germination is a real thing! I’ll try to update my review in a few more days when I see what kind of coverage I really get.

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