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Georgia Gore Wheat Seed - GA Gore is a soft red winter cultivar released by the University of Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station. GA Gore wheat is a late-maturing, medium height, medium strength strawed, with good yield potential and good milling and baking quality. It has excellent resistance to the locally predominant races of Hessian fly; good resistance to current races of leaf rust, stem rust, and septoria glume blotch; and moderate resistance to powdery mildew.

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  • J
    Joe Schoendorf J. S. Joe S.

    Ordering from Seed World

    Placing my order was easy after deciding what to buy from a great online catalog. Once my order was place I was kept informed about the status of my order and delivery timing. Product (Winter Wheat) was deliverd in perfect condition. Just need to wait until September to plant.... I am very Happy with SEED World and recommend them to all!

  • S
    Sudarshana Sharma S. S. Sudarshana S.

    Wheat Seed (Beardless)

    Packing and shipping: 5*. Bought it with other cover crop seeds. Germination rate is very high. Satisfied with the project. Very professional service.

  • D

    Wheat seed

    Seed received as ordered. Thank you

  • D
    Dylan Juhren D. J. Dylan J.

    Looks okay

    Haven't seen growth yet

  • j
    joe wood J. W. joe w.

    wheat seed

    Item arrived in a timely fashion, and in good condition. I planted it right away, however it's not been long enough for all of them to germinate. It appears that it is doing just fine.

  • T
    Thomas Hattaway T. H. Thomas H.

    Never received shipment

    Never received the shipment

  • M
    Michael Gordon M. G. Michael G.

    Need info

    Hey thanks for all the product s I got do you have any pictures of what I bought I get a little switched up on the names of what I bought I'd appreciate some pictures of what I have thanks a lot yall have a great Christmas

  • G
    Gail F. G. F. Gail F.

    I'm excited to be able

    I'm excited to be able to plant my wheat in late August and harvest in early winter( if you call 50 to 70 degrees winter in SE TX). Then its bread making time!! Yum!

  • W
    Wes J. W. J. Wes J.

    Good price, fast delivery, high germination rates

    The title pretty much says it all, looks like 100% or very close to it germination rates. I bought 5lbs each wheat, barley, rye for fodder growing system as a test - I’ll be getting all my future seed from here!

  • T
    Teresa D. T. D. Teresa D.

    Good germination rate. Healthy plants

    Good germination rate. Healthy plants

  • R
    Ross Kaplan R. K. Ross K.


    High quality seeds. Can’t wait to brew

  • R
    Richard Turner R. T. Richard T.

    wheat seed

    Fast delivery but the bag and box was damaged and the seed was coming out of the box.

  • J
    Joshua Ott J. O. Joshua O.

    Wheat Seed

    ....wheat seed, it was packaged well, as is appeared to be quality seeds, great product great services many thanks!

  • B
    Ben DeVore B. D. Ben D.

    Damaged box

    Box came beat up pretty badly and it was full of loose seeds, however the bag seemed completely intact with no rips or tears or anything. Quality of seed seemed good.

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