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Gallant Red Clover

This variety was bred for its high yield and excellent persistence. It produces more forage and lasts longer in the field than most red clover varieties. Gallant Red Clover is resistant to black patch, root rot, powdery mildew, and northern and southern anthracnose.


Plant in spring and fall at a rate of 8-12 lbs./acre, or as part of a mix at 4-8 lbs./acre.

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    Christopher Young C. Y. Christopher Y. us

    Red clover

    I’m not really sure what to put for this review. I purchased two bags of red clover. Shipped fast. But when I opened the bags both had clumpy seed like it had got moisture in the bag. I figured I still had enough good seed between the two bags to plant what I needed. Ended up having poor germination through out the field. Wish I would have contacted seed world but I needed to get the seed in the ground and thought it would be ok. Lesson learned. I don’t blame seed world because there was no way of knowing Ian’s it may have happened in transit. Just wish I would have contacted them before trying to plant it.

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