GA-9908 Medium Red Clover Seed

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GA-9908 is a southern adapted, medium red clover specifically bred for improved grazing performance. GA-9908 is a multi-year red clover capable of better persistence and good hay yields. It is highly resistant to Southern Anthracnose. GA-9908 is a valuable forage for hay, grazing, cover cropping and wildlife. As with all red clovers, it possesses deep roots to help build soil and provide extended drought survivability and is capable of fixing nitrogen; all useful traits for crop rotations and mixed grass pastures.

In independent testing, GA-9908 has shown to be highly resistant to Southern Anthracnose (Colltrotrichum spp.), and resistant to Northern Anthracnose (Auereobasidium caulivor).

Once established and properly managed, GA-9908 should provide multiple years of free nitrogen and protein-rich hay and grazing. Longevity will depend on location and management. In hotter regions, with predominately warm-season species, it should last at least 1-2 years, while in cooler climates it should live 3-5 years, or longer. One can also broadcast 3-5 lbs./acre of seed annually, or as needed, to insure a continuous stand. Researchers recommend 25-30% clover percentages in grass pastures for best animal grazing results.

Before You Plant

GA-9908 performs best in soils with a pH of 5.8-7.0, but can also tolerate moderately acid soils (pH 5.0-5.5). GA-9908 will perform best on loamy, well-drained, fertile soil, but can also survive in poorly drained soil. For optimal performance, conduct a soil test and follow the recommended lime and fertilizer recommendations.

In established pastures, remove excess forage through grazing or late season haying. This will help ensure successful seedling emergence and establishment. Reduce weed population prior to planting. Be aware of herbicide carryover/residual of chemicals applications prior to planting.

Planting Method

Cultipacking or dragging before and after seeding helps create a firm seedbed on prepared land. Planting too deep may lead to poor establishment or stand failure. When planting as mix with grass, drill companion grasses in one direction and then drill clover perpendicular to grass rows.


GA-9908 is ready to plant! GA-9908 red clover is Nitro-Coated with a high level of the leguminosarum biovar trifolii rhizobium.

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