Frost Master Winter Peas Seed

Planting Rate:     30-35  lbs/acre
Planting Depth:    3/4-1 inch
Soil Type:  Sand - Loam

FrostMaster Winter Peas are a small seeded forage pea selected for its outstanding forage quality and for improved cold tolerance. Frostmasters will grow into a long vine with large leaves producing good tonnage of very palatable forage.  Frostmaster Winter Peas are an annual dual purpose legume used to produce organic matter & nitrogen, or as forage. FrostMaster Winter Peas are white flowered, which indicates the absence of tannin. Tannin is a compound that creates a bitter taste in plants. Due to the lack in tannin, FrostMaster peas are very sweet, unlike the majority of winter peas and spring peas, making them perfect for wildlife.

Category: Winter Peas

Type: Food Plot Seeds

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