FoxFarm Cha Ching Soluble Fertilizer - 6 Oz.

Fox Farm


For Late Flowering Through Harvest 9 - 50 - 10

Every stage of the growing cycle demands optimal nutrition. Cha Ching is a high-phosphorus fertilizer that is designed to help support late stage fruiting processes. Even better, we’ve included the micronutrient package that FoxFarm is known for.

Garden tip: Start with Open Sesame in the fifth or sixth week of a plant’s life. Once bud set begins feed with Beastie Bloomz for a two week period. After flowers are fully formed, switch to Cha Ching and continue through harvest. Feed with every other watering.

For best results, start seeds in our Light Warrior Agro-Ponic Seed Starter, and use our Ocean Forest Potting Soil for container plants.

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