FL 401 Winter Rye Grain Seed - 50 Lbs.

Seed Ranch

Florida 401 Winter Grain Rye is used for winter grassing, windbreaks, erosion control, and weed suppression. It is a fast-establishing crop, and can produce feed in as little as two weeks for wildlife such as deer, turkey, and rabbits. FL 401 Rye can grow up to 4-5 feet tall, making it a good choice for planting between rows of crops such as tomatoes to form a wind barrier. It also stabilizes excess soil and manure nitrogen. 

Planting information: Florida 401 Rye should be planted in cool weather on plowed ground, at a rate of 50-100 pounds per acre (broadcast) or 60-75 pounds per acre (drilled) for winter forage.

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  • C
    Chris Minson C. M. Chris M.

    Good stuff

    East Texas, sandy loom soil, 6.5 to 7 ph ( depends on where I check). Just used a regular seed spreader with wheels. Natural woods, so when I got an area cleaned up and used my poor riding mower to clear all the leaf and ground litter was left with almost bare, sandy "soil". After 2 weeks and some rain it came up nicely. Not very thick in the shady spots, but fair. Almost like a soft green carpet where it's thick.

  • J

    Good transzction

    Good price, quick shipment.

  • R
    Ryan Hockenbrocht R. H. Ryan H.

    Package damaged, seeds everywhere

    Package was damaged and seeds were falling out of it. Really disappointed with this order. I have gotten 2 bags before with no issues.

  • E
    Elizabeth Packard E. P. Elizabeth P.

    Seeed shipment

    Fast service

  • B
    Brent L Searle B. L. S. Brent L. S.

    Arrived timely. Planted and awaiting germination

    Seed was packaged well. Arrived early; just in time to plant before a rain storm. Anticipating germination.

  • N
    Neil Pettit N. P. Neil P.

    winter rye

    Package arrived in excellent shape. It was packed well and shipped quickly. Look forward to getting seeds in the ground as a winter cover.

  • g
    greg chaisson G. C. greg c.



  • D
    Duane Moder D. M. Duane M.


    Got here fast and was well packaged for shipping. Arrived undamaged. I’ve had orders from other suppliers that boxes arrived damaged because it wasn’t properly packed to prevent shifting.

  • F
    Frank B. F. B. Frank B.

    My yard looks awesome!! fully

    My yard looks awesome!! fully green in Florida when usually by now my yard is dirt & sand. Not anymore

  • A
    Austin V. A. V. Austin V.

    Seed was great. popping up

    Seed was great. popping up everywhere, looks great!

  • S
    Stephen Mahon S. M. Stephen M.

    Exactly as expected

    Satisfied customer

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