Estancia Forage Type Tall Fescue Grass Seed - 25 Lbs.

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Benficial Endophyte Tall Fescue Grass Seed for Pasture

Estancia with ArkShield is the latest generation forage tall fescue with the addition of a beneficial endophyte. What is Estancia Tall Fescue? Estancia tall fescue is the result of years of laboratory and field research by the University of Arkansas in cooperation with the University of Missouri. Estancia is a medium maturing, high-yielding tall fescue with excellent seedling vigor.

What is ArkShield? ArkShield is a patented smart endophytic fungus that lives inside Estancia Tall Fescue seed and plants in a mutually beneficial relationship protecting the grass from disease, insects, and environmental stresses like heat and drought. ArkShield is natural and desirable in forage grasses and has no known negative effects on livestock.

The ArkShield endophyte makes Estancia a more productive and persistent perennial forage grass. Estancia with ArkShield Quality Assurance: Estancia is packaged in a 25 lb. sealed foil bag to reduce air, heat, and moisture transfer into and out of the bag, helps to ensure the viability of the seed and the live ArkShield endophyte. Estancia with ArkShield has a guaranteed analysis tag ensuring seed purity and germination.

Planting Guide for Estancia Tall Fescue

• Closely graze or harvest existing toxic fescue

• Spray stubble with a non-selective herbicide

• Test soil and follow soil test recommendations

  • Plant a cover-crop
  • Graze/Harvest break-crop (don’t transfer toxic fescue seeds in manure to break-crop forage)
  • After the useful life of the break-crop, spray out with a non-selective herbicide
  • No-Till drill Estancia in September to November in the Southern states and August to September or March to May in the Midwestern and Northeastern states
  • Seed Estancia at 20-25lbs per acre
  • Fertilize as recommended
  • Estancia can be planted with other species such as alfalfa, red or white clover, and grasses.
  • Don’t graze or harvest seedling pasture the first winter
  • Be sure not to feed toxic fescue hay in the newly established Estancia pasture (or transfer toxic seed via manure)

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