Eagle Large Lad (Roundup Ready) Soybean Seed

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Eagle Large Lad RR Soybean Seed

Large Lad is our most popular Roundup Ready Soybean food plot variety and is known for its excellent seed yield and tonnage production. Similar to Big Fellow, Large Lad plants can reach heights up to 84 inches and provide excellent forage for deer and cattle. It is a favorite of hay producers due to its excellent nutritional qualities. Large Lad is easy to grow and has resistance to many foliar diseases, root rots, stem canker and races of nematodes. The forage varieties listed on this site are widely adapted to numerous soil types and can withstand tougher growing conditions than regular soybeans. Large Lad is also available in the deer blends, Game Keeper, Wildlife Manager's Mix, and Habitat Haven. The deer blends are formulated for specific growing regions and can produce seed in even the most northern and southern US geographies. This variety will produce seed prior to frost if planted in the south and lower midwest.


 Requirement: Stewardship number required. If you don't have one please call 1-800-768-6387 and select option 3


  • Soil Types: Wide variety of soils optimum pH is from 6.0 to 7.0.
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance
  • Seeding Rate: 50-80 lbs. per acre
  • Frost Seeding: Not applicable
  • Planting Date: April - June
  • Planting Depth: ¾ - 1 inch

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  • J
    James Gibson J. G. James G. us

    What shipment

    Absoutley, terrible service. I will say the person that finally emailed me back after days of numerous emails an calls going unanswered, the representative finally made it right an made sure my order was taken care of. I was a teacher an was counting on these seeds for a class project. I do understand that accidents do happen, but waiting days on end to have someone contact me back is unacceptable. Its a shame, because I have 80 acres on my property that contains about 4 acres of food plots. I was going to use seed world, but now it looks like I'll be trying to find another supplier for my spring plot mix. They are a huge company, my business won't be missed an doubtful anyone will read this. An on that note, I still haven't received my products.

  • A
    Andrew Mell A. M. Andrew M. us

    Eagle Seeds

    Everything was delivered as expected.

  • T
    Todd Z. T. Z. Todd Z.

    Round up ready beans

    Did did great last year very impressed so I got some more this year

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