Dwarf Siberian Improved Kale Food Plot Seed - 1 Lb.

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Dwarf Siberian Improved Kale 

Brassica oleracea var. fimbriata

Dwarf Siberian Improved Kale can be planted in food plots or pastures for extended fall grazing. It is a cold-tolerant, cool season crop that provides forage in fall and winter in both northern and southern states, and in summer as well for northern states.The forage quality is similar to that of a concentrate feed, so livestock should be gradually introduced to brassica crops, which should not make up more than 75% of their diets.

Seed should be planted in spring or fall when soil is between 55-75 degrees F for optimal seed germination. 

Planting depth: 1/4"-1/2"
Optimal soil pH: 5.5-7
Best soil type: sandy loam; light clay
Days to germination: 5-17
Maturity: 40-50 days
Planting rate: 10 lbs./acre for deer food plot; 3.5-4 lbs./acre for livestock pasture grazing

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