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Dwarf Corn is among the best for attracting waterfowl and deer, and will also attract turkey, pheasant, and quail. This corn is open pollinated and grows to about 3 feet tall. It should be planted in spring-summer. Seed rate: 10-20 Lbs./acre.

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  • S
    Scott Clontz S. C. Scott C.

    Dwarf Corn

    Can't wait to get it planted.

  • D
    Dalton Prince D. P. Dalton P.



  • B
    Brad Solomon B. S. Brad S.

    Great seed

    Excellent germination

  • Damaged.
    Dave Bielak D. B. Dave B.


    My order of 10lbs corn 10lbs buckwheat 5lbs radish 10lbs rape seed The only problem is the rape seed bag was broke open and the seed was everywhere.

  • D
    Dustin Welch D. W. Dustin W.

    Bluecord waterfowl

    Your company is a 1st class shipping and delivery time as well as selection

  • Q
    Quentin Oehme Q. O. Quentin O.

    Fast delivery

    Seem like the order was on the front porch time I turned around it got here so fast! If anyone is looking to get their seed fast seed world is the place these guys are on the ball!

  • B
    Byron R. B. R. Byron R.

    Recieve order timely and in

    Recieve order timely and in good shape. Waiting for warm weather to plant and see how it grows.

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