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Diehard Transplant 

Planting Inoculant for Trees and Shrubs

Diehard Transplant is used as a back-fill soil amendment to inoculate landscape plants when planted and energize the microbial activity in the ground. This results in quick root establishment with less transplant shock.
  Improves survival, rooting, water absorption, nutrient availability, and plant and soil health.   Contains Endo- and Ecto-Mycorrhizae fungi, beneficial bacteria, humic acid, soluble sea kelp, amino acids, Trichoerma fungi, minors, nutrient and water management gel, and vitamin B complex.   Rate of application: an 8 Oz. bag of Diehard Transplant will treat a 2 inch caliper tree or two shrubs. As an amendment to potting mix, use 1 lb. Diehard Transplant in 30 gallons of potting mix (4 cubic feet). 

Do not use with mixes containing gels or water crystals, because Diehard Transplant contains its own gel.)

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