Dazide 85 WSG Plant Growth Regulator - 5 Lbs.

Dazide 85 WSG Plant Growth Regulator

Dazide 85 WSG is a plant growth regulator from Fine Americas, Inc., containing 85% daminozide, and formulated in an exceptional, high-quality water soluble granule. It helps growers manage plant growth and development to ensure that plants are compact, strong, and better able to cope with transportation or transplanting. Dazide 85 WSG can be used on a wide range of ornamental plants.

Dazide 85 WSG improves plant quality by:
  • Producing a more compact plant
  • Stimulating the plant to produce more flowers
  • Enhancing foliage color
  • Producing thicker, stronger stems
  • Stimulating greater root development (improved nutrient and water uptake, reduced transplant stress)
Rate of use: 0.16-1.2 oz/gallon, depending on species treated; see label for full information

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