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SeedRanch Six Point Chicory Seeds


Six Point brand forage chicory is a high yielding, broad-leaved perennial herb that has excellent feed value for livestock as well as deer and other wildlife. It has been bred for greatly improved disease resistance, which significantly increases survival under grazing. Six Point also breaks winter dormancy earlier, so it has a longer growing season to provide high quality feed for a longer season. Six Point can grow on a wide range of soils, including sandy soil, and silt loams. Chicory grows best on high fertility soils with moderate to good drainage. Chicory is best sown around mid spring, but can also be sown effectively in the late summer/early fall. It should be sown in a fully cultivated seed-bed. Sowing depth is 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Chicory is known for its ability to handle grazing pressure and provide over 30 % crude protein! Chicory also contains high levels of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc,sulfur, and sodium. These minerals are essential for deer health. Like all chicory, Six Point Chicory develops a deep tap root, making it a great perennial, handling drought very well. Chicory is great planted alone or mixed with ladino clovers or alfalfa. Chicory is a Nitrogen loving plant and will benefit from the Nitrogen fixed by other legumes. Six Point chicory seeds at 4 to 5 pounds per acre. Recommended pH is 5.5 or higher. Fertilize and lime according to soil test. Chicory loves Nitrogen, make a second application during the middle of the growing season to sweeten the food plot.

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  • A
    Amanda Petroski A. P. Amanda P.

    Great Company

    The website is easy to use and they have a great selection of products. Thanks!

  • j
    john morris J. M. john m.

    10 pounds of chicory seed six point

    Place my order got my order when they said it would be here. . ended up getting my seed within a week or less and that’s when they said it would be here. was happy with that. I just planted it waiting for it to come up once it comes up. I will leave another review but so far getting this shipped and everything was in a timely fashion which is much appreciated. Last time I ordered this seed I planted it and it came up really good and really well was very happy with it. I’m hoping this time it’ll do the same. Thank you.

  • J
    Jared White J. W. Jared W.


    Besides my order getting lost and taking 2 weeks to come in I guess it was okay. Post office is pour!!

  • D
    Dean Fields D. F. Dean F.

    Clover and Chicory Order

    Great price, fast shipping

  • S
    Scott B. S. B. Scott B.

    Great Service

    Arrived early and great customer service

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