Cherry Tomato Heirloom Seed - 1 Packet

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Heirloom Cherry Tomato Seeds

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This is the heirloom cherry variety that has been around for a century. The indeterminate vines are not as phenomenally heavy yielding as some of the new hybrids, but yields are still good. Flavor is excellent, a bit more acidic than its modern counterparts, and size is just right--that of a ping pong ball. Non-genetically engineered seeds.

 For earliest harvest, sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost, keeping soil temperature in the mid-70's. Grow in full sun. Shift hardened transplants to garden shortly after last frost. Water regularly and fertilize when 6" (15 cm.) tall, and again in mid-summer. Stake or cage to save space.

Harvest: Pick carefully when richly colored and firm, but before fruit begins to soften.

Nutrition: Rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C.

Planting Location Planting Depth Seed Spacing Spacing Between Rows Days to Germination Spacing After Thinning Days to Maturity
Indoors 1/4" (6 mm.) 1/2" (13 mm.) 2"-3" (5-7.5 cm.) 8-14 3" (7.5 cm.) 45-55
Outdoors 1/2" (13 mm.) 4" (10 cm.) 3'-4' (90-120 cm.) 14-18 2'-4' (60-120 cm.) 65-90


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