Carrot Danvers Half Long Seed - 1 Packet

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Danvers Half Long Carrot Seeds

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Home garden favorite, dependable, heavy yielding. Carrot matures in 75 days. The root is 7"-7 3/4" (18-19 cm.) long, slightly tapered with a blunt end. Color is bright orange. Very sweet with good flavor, fine grained and tender. Non-genetically engineered seeds.

 Carrots do best in sandy, well limed soil. Prepare soil so that it is very loose. This variety prefers deep cultivation. Sow thinly, 1/2" (13 mm.) deep and cover with light soil. Firm soil with back of hoe. Easy to establish in raised beds. Thinning is a must for all root crops. Try snipping the tops of unwanted plants, as this action will not disturb the root of carrots left to mature.

Harvest: 75 days.

 Low in calories, high in vitamin A.

Planting depth: 1/2" (13 mm.)
Seed spacing: 1" (2.5 cm.)
Spacing between rows: 18"-24" (46-60 cm.)
Days to germination: 8
Spacing after thinning: 1"-3" (2.5-7.5 cm.)
Days to maturity: 75

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