Calcium Nitrate Soluble Fertilizer - 50 lbs

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Total Nitrogen (N): 15.50% (155,000 ppm)

  • Nitrate Nitrogen: 14.4% (144,000 ppm)
  • Ammoniacal Nitrogen: 1.1% (11,000 ppm)

Calcium (Ca): 26.5% (265,000 ppm)

An amazing source of both Nitrate and Ammoniacal Nitrogen for commercial crop production.  Haifa Chemicals Calcium Nitrate is a highly water soluble dry formulation of greenhouse grade Calcium.

The two most common ways of delivering Calcium Nitrate to plants:

  • Nutrigation (fertigation), of greenhouse and soilless-grown crops
  • Foliar feeding

Q: What the benefits of Calcium for plant growth?

A: Calcium is essential for the building of cell walls. Poor calcium supply interferes with this important function, resulting in distorted growth and deformation of root tips, young leaves, and shoot tips. In addition weaker cells are more susceptible to biotic attacks. Calcium is also involved in enzymatic reactions and in the coordination of inter-cellular processes.

Q: What are common signs of Calcium deficiency in plants?

A: Calcium deficiency is usually shown as localized rot of tissues and a consequent growth inhibition. Typical symptoms include leaf deformation, leaf tip burn and root tip burn. Calcium deficiency also reduces quality and yield of the harvest, and shortens shelf life.

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    Ronald Braun R. B. Ronald B.

    Calcium nitrate

    Worked perfectly.

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