Cajun II Forage Tall Fescue Grass Seed - 50 Lbs.

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Endophyte Free Tall Fescue Grass Seed

An affordable alternative
to novel-endophyte tall fescue.

Cajun II is an affordable alternative to both toxic KY-31 and novel-endophyte tall fescues. With high yields and extended longevity, it produces an abundance of non-toxic forage for many years. Combat productivity and profit losses caused by fescue toxicosis with Cajun II.



Horse-Friendly Fescue

Cajun II is safe for all livestock, including horses. Enjoy the benefits of tall fescue without worrying about the health of your horses or for that matter any of your livestock.

Better Animal Performance

Cajun II is not only high yielding, but also provides nutritious grass year-round. Grazing livestock will spend more time grazing and less time in the shade or in the ponds. This means faster weight gains and more profits.

Additionally, increased cattle reproductivity can be expected when grazing Cajun II as compared to toxic KY-31 tall fescue.

Hot and Cold Tolerant

Cajun II is a special crossing of European-type and Mediterranean-type fescues. This unique breeding gives it a greater range of adaptation and the ability to perform well in hot, humid climates, as well as colder climates.

Producers are finding Cajun II an excellent performer throughout both the Northern half of the US as well as down through the Transition zone and Upper South.

High Yielding, Early Maturing

Cajun II is bred for high yields. In addition to high first cutting yields and early spring growth, Cajun II provides extended fall production. Cajun II is eleven days earlier than Kentucky-31.

Matching grazing/cutting dates to this early maturity characteristic means higher yields, increased stocking rates, and greater gains.


Cajun II can be planted as either a straight stand, or used in mixtures with other grasses, including orchardgrass, perennial ryegrass, timothy, and festulolium. Cajun II also works well with cool season legumes. The use of a white clover, such as Renovation, will produce a high-performance pasture ideal for beef, dairy, and other livestock.

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