Buck Forage Chicory Seed - 4 Lbs.

Buck Forage Chicory

The Nutrition Plot

Buck Forage Chicory is a good source of protein for spring and summer, and deer enjoy it into fall as well. It withstands heavy grazing and low temperatures, and between April-October, Chicory averages 50 lbs. of forage per acre per day. Planting Buck Forage Chicory with Buck Forage Oats is recommended, to better take advantage of the nutrition value of chicory and the fall attraction of oats.

Planting instructions: 

  • Seeding rate: 4 Lbs. per acre
  • Soil pH: minimum of 5.5; ideal soil pH is 7
  • Depth: 1/4 inch

Category: Chicory Seed

Type: Food Plot Seeds

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