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Scientific Name: (Urochloa ramosa = Brachiaria ramosa = Panicum ramosum)

Type: Warm season annual grass

Uses: Browntop is a leafy annual grass that grows from 2-3 feet tall producing heavy seed yields in about 50-60 days after emergence. It is a great plant for quail and doves on upland soils and ducks in flooded areas. Planting:   Date: April - August
  • Rate: 40 lbs./acre or 1 lb./1000 sq.ft.
  • Depth: ½" maximum
  • Best For: Deer, Turkey, Duck, Dove, Pheasant, Rabbit, and Quail

Browntop millet is a fast-growing seeded millet that produces a large number of seeds. This millet is grown in a variety of soils and climates. This item is one of the few millets that can be planted and flooded for ducks OR planted in dry areas for deer, quail, dove, turkey, and other wildlife.

Browntop is an early producer and can supply seeds in about 65+ days. Browntop can easily be over-seeded in erosion sites and added to conservation sites. It is used as a companion crop with many grassing seeds for early planting and forage. Plant in early April through August depending on the climate zone at the rate of 25-45 lb. per acre or in divided food plots alone or in combination with other crops. Browntop is a non-aggressive / non-invasive plant

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  • J
    Jeremy Matlock J. M. Jeremy M.

    Brown top

    I have not planted it yet but order and shipping where spot on.

  • M
    Michael Kirby M. K. Michael K.

    First Seed World Order

    My 50 pounds of brown top millet arrived quickly, and the package was in great shape. I’ve already spread it and it’s in the ground!

  • R
    Raymond McCauley R. M. Raymond M.

    Brown Top Millet Seed

    Seeds arrived in a timely matter and were planted the weekend they arived. Just before a good rain. Ordered them on Tuestay and they arrived by Saturday.

  • T
    Thurman Bowden T. B. Thurman B.

    Brown top millet

    Quick shipping, this is why I will always put seedworld in my favorites category. I have ordered numerous item and have always been satisfied.

  • C
    Cory Locklear C. L. Cory L.

    Pre Planting Review

    Packaged well, quick shipping, will report back how germination is after planting in a few weeks. Plan to broadcast.

  • t
    timothy O'Quinn T. O. timothy O.

    All seeds

    They all came in looking healthy and looking good. Just planted them . Now we wait to see if they come up

  • B
    Bill Barber B. B. Bill B.

    Florida Millett

    Received and looking forward to sowing in those seeds ! Thanks for checking ✔️

  • G
    Gavin Lykonleffler G. L. Gavin L.


    Very quick easy shipping

  • D
    Dale Brown D. B. Dale B.



  • C
    Chuck Sheets C. S. Chuck S.



  • B

    Arrived in great condition

    Well packed and prompt delivery

  • D
    Domiluis Campodonico D. C. Domiluis C.


    Check on me in two weeks and I’ll tell you how they worked. Sandy dirt was prepped, aerated, seed planted and watered daily in the a.m. Temps are over 50 at night.

  • J
    Joe Wilcots J. W. Joe W.


    Timing was perfect

  • M
    Michael Meehan M. M. Michael M.

    Fast service

    Order was shipped promptly and arrived on time.

  • G
    Garrie Landry G. L. Garrie L.

    Brown Top Millet Purchase

    I ordered and received 2 50 pound bags if brown top millet which my finches absolutely love to eat. the service was great and shipment was very fast. thank you. I will return for sure.

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